amusing links, friday the 13th edition

Here are some amusing links I’d like to help propagate throughout the internets that I stumbled upon in the last 48 hrs give or take a few.  Many thanks to Felicia Day’s new Vlog for bringing a couple to my attention.  Speaking of which, go check out Miss Day’s new youtube channel, Geek & Sundry.

One Tiny Hand.  It’s amazing what the addition of a tiny hand to a photo can do.   My favorite is probably a toss up between Kim Jong Il and Tony Montana.

Magical Game Time.  I wish I thought of this first.  Using animated gifs to gently add movement to a comic.  Clever.

A cat’s ennui, documented:

Disappointed Animals.  Cute and slightly discouraging, these animals are enormously disappointed in you and your poor life choices.

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