antiquated machinery

Yes!  I do like the typewriters!  It’s true.  It all started when I came into contact with a delightful partially electronic typewriter my parents had in the early 80’s.  Its buttons made a satisfying click.  That click was the important bit.  I push a button, click click, and a professional looking typed letter appears on the page.  Fun for all ages!

And look, someone else likes them too.  I noticed this sale on Fab, Kasbah Mod’s “Rejuvenated Vintage Typewriters“.  Check out this bright, sleek gem from 1964, the Royalite:

I bet it is deliciously clickety.

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2 thoughts on “antiquated machinery”

    1. Montclair is so close…I was just going to send you an email asking “Where in the world is Mikko?”

      Sometimes, the parcelling out of typewriter bits (or other old things) saddens me but it is better to be used creatively than to be thrown away.  I was also pointed in the direction of jewelry made from Barbie bits that is, well, a little unsettling (but still creative!):

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